Welcome To Congregation Agudath Achim In Bradley Beach.

Congregation Agudath Achim was established in the 1920's as an orthodox synagogue and remains so today. This shul is open and caters to the full time Bradley Beach residents as well as the many summer visitors who come here to enjoy the beautiful scenery and relaxing weekends Bradley Beach has to offer. All are welcome and encouraged to join in on the Shabbat services, as well as partake in the delicious Kiddush and Seuda Shlishit here at Agudath Achim.

Come and Join us for Shavuot in Bradley Beach!!!


 Join us for an inspiring long weekend of davening, and especially learning, as we embrace our Torah and strengthen our love of God and mankind. Whether you’re staying up all night on the first night of Shavuot or dropping in for our After Kiddush Learning Party, we hope you’ll be stimulated and challenged to deepen your connection to our Torah on a daily basis. We are excited that so many talented guests, such as our Bradley Beach Torah Battalion, are joining us and have agreed to share their knowledge with us.

 Friday Night 7:49 PM - Candle lighting 7:30 PM – Mincha


Shabbat 8:30 AM – Daf Yomi with Isaac Shulman

 9:14 AM – Latest K’riat Sh’ma

 9:15 - Shacharit

12:15 PM - The After Kiddush Party - Join us for Twenty Minutes of Torah with Merav Barach


 6:15 PM – Parsha with Isaac Shulman

7:00 PM – “How Do I Love Thee – Let Me Count The Ways” – Pirkei Avot, Chapter 6

7:45 PM - Mincha, followed by Shalosh Seudos and Maariv – Speaker, Vivi Kelman - "Perspectives on the Torah’s Relevance and Contributions to our World"

 8:58 PM - Light Shavuot Day One Candles no earlier than 8:58 PM


Mozaei Shabbat /1st Night

11:30 PM – All Night Learning – First Class by Rabbi Kelman - Judaism's Views on Non-Jews

12:45 AM - Dr. Mordechai Gampel - “Supporting Friends and Loved Ones in Crisis”

1:45 – Dr. Matis Shulman – 10 Commandments and the 12 Steps

2:45 – Yosie Friedman - “The Hallowed Harvest: A Close Reading of Leviticus 23: 9 – 22”

3:45 – Guided Chavruta Study

4:30 Stories and Songs - Kumsitz to Prepare for Tefillah

4:55 – Shacharit (Neitz/Sunrise at 5:36 AM)

Accompanied by an array of dairy delicacies.


 Sunday/ First Day of Shavuot

8:30 AM – Daf Yomi with Isaac Shulman

9:14 AM – Latest K’riat Sh'ma

9:15 – “Late” Shacharit – Guest Speaker – Isaac Shulman


6:15 – “Migrants in Israel – Balancing Compassion for Others with Protecting the State” – Studying the Sources with Beth Nivin

 6:55 PM – Mental Health Symposium - "How Judaism Informs My Practice" with Dr. Ezra Gampel and Dr. Matis Shulman

7:55 PM - Mincha and Shiur with Dr. Mordechai Gampel – “Judaism’s Approach to Dysfunctional family dynamics”

8:59 - Light Shavuot Day Two candles no earlier than 8:59 PM


Monday/Second Day of Shavuot

 8:30 AM – Daf Yomi with Isaac Shulman

9:14 AM – Latest K’riat Sh’ma

9:15 - Shacharit, followed by Rut

10:45 – Yizkor

 11:15 - Special Children’s Bikkurim Ceremony at end of Musaf, followed by Kiddush

12:15 PM - The After Kiddush Party - Join us for Twenty Minutes of Torah - “Jewish Pride in the Corporate Workplace” with Miri Hertz

5:45 – “Rut in the Gazebo” - A Second Reading of Rut and Discussion on "Rut: Mother of Royalty" (In the Gazebo on the Boardwalk, near 5th Ave.)

 6:45 - Ice Cream Party for Kids of All Ages at the Gazebo

7:10 – Symposium on Conversion – A Very Recent Convert in Discussion with Two Conversion Students – The How and Whys of Conversion

7:55 - Mincha and Shiur with Yosie Friedman – “Shabbat: Sources and Secrets”

9:09 - Havdalah (No Candles or Besamim)

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Donations are now being accepted to replace our current outdoor sign, which has outlived its purpose; the Sisterhood would like to pay tribute to Adele and her husband Fred for the love and dedication with which they supported the Agudath Achim Synagogue.  A new sign to be placed at the Corner of McCabe and Central Avenues will have a Plaque..."The Members and Friends of Congregation Agudath Achim Honor Adele & Fred Hochberg for their dedication to this Synagogue".
PLEASE!!!  Help us make this new fundraising effort a success
Donations may be mailed to Congregation Agudath Achim at P.O. Box 187, Bradley Beach, NJ 07720 or on-line at our Web Site www.bradleybeachshul.org under donations.........key HOCHBERG as purpose.

Thank you to the Sisterhood for their donation of two benches to enhance the entrance to the Shul!

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