Welcome To Congregation Agudath Achim In Bradley Beach

Bradley Beach is the place to be for fun in the sun!

Congregation Agudath Achim was established in the 1920s as an orthodox synagogue and remains so today. This shul is open regularly between Memorial Day and Labor Day and for the High Holidays and caters to the full-time Bradley Beach residents as well as the many summer visitors who come here to enjoy the beautiful scenery and relaxing weekends Bradley Beach has to offer. All are welcome and encouraged to join in on the Shabbat services, as well as partake in the delicious Kiddush and Seuda Shlishit here at Agudath Achim.





This week: Parshat Vaetchanan is also Shabbat Nachamu

Friday candles July 31: 7:52 pm  

Shabbat ends August 1: 8:56 pm 

Thanks to all who participated and helped lead our various Tisha B'av programs!

A General Membership Meeting is scheduled for

Tuesday, August 4 at 7p.m. Zoom link to follow.

Sundays at 9: 15 am

Short Commemoration of Yahrzeits and Other Special Occasions; Prayer for the Community *

Responsa of the Week - This coming Sunday we will look at the status of the deaf in Halakha - please send in any of your questions to Rabbi Kelman.

Click here to join the class:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82613508291

Tuesday at 12 pm: Tanach in 12 at 12  

Take a break from your day with 12 Minutes of Torah as we give an overview of each book of Tanach. 

We are encouraging all members to take a portion of Tanach to study over the next few months in anticipation for a Simchat Torah siyum. Rabbi Kelman will give a weekly overview of each sefer of Tanach to create a sense of communal accomplishment and build excitement for the siyum. We thank Ruth Fineberg for chairing this project. 

Click here to join the class:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82613508291

Wednesdays at 1 pm: Great Jewish Historical Figures series

We will be continuing our Great Jewish Historical Figures series with a Lunch and Learn from 1:00-1:45 PM on Wednesday.  Last week, we studied the biography of Rambam, while also learning about his personality and great character traits.  This week, we will look at his works, including some of his lesser known texts, so that we can better understand why his influence is so dominant until this day.  I hope you'll join us and bring a big dash of inspiration from this giant into your day.

Click here to join the class:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82613508291

Wednesday at 9 pm: Medical Update from Dr. Bielory




Thursdays at 8 pm: ZOOM Parsha of the Week with Isaac Shulman

Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/209047533

Meeting ID: 209 047 533


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We will be meeting for shul on a regular basis this winter, but will not be open all weekends.

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