Welcome To Congregation Agudath Achim In Bradley Beach.

Congregation Agudath Achim was established in the 1920's as an orthodox synagogue and remains so today. This shul is open and caters to the full time Bradley Beach residents as well as the many summer visitors who come here to enjoy the beautiful scenery and relaxing weekends Bradley Beach has to offer. All are welcome and encouraged to join in on the Shabbat services, as well as partake in the delicious Kiddush and Seuda Shlishit here at Agudath Achim.

Second Days

Hoshanah Rabbah                  Wednesday October 11                     

Yom Tov Candle Lighting:    6:03 pm

Mincha/Maariv:                        6:10 pm

Shmini Atzeres Kiddush:        After 7:02 pm

Shmini Atzeres                      Thursday October 12                         

Morning Services:                   9:15 am Hallel

Yizkor not before 10:30 am

Tefilas Geshem

Mincha:                                    6:00 pm

Maariv/Hakafos:                     6:40 pm

2nd day Yom Tov Candle Lighting after 7:01 pm

Simchas Torah                                                   Friday October 13

  Morning Services:                 9:15 am, Hallel, Hakafos


 Shabbos Candle Lighting:            6:00 pm

  Mincha/Maariv:                               6:00 pm

Shabbos Bereishis                                            Saturday October 14

 Shabbos Morning Services:   9:15 am

  Shabbos Mincha:                      5:50 pm

Maariv:                                       6:50 pm

Havdalah after 6:58 pm

Prepare to be inspired, amazed and enriched this Holiday season

All are welcome, and no previous background or experience in prayer or mountain climbing is necessary.  There will be a Kiddush following services and a Break Fast on Yom Kippur.


Become a member for $200 (single), or $350 (family) and it includes ticket for services
For information please call the shul, 732 774 2495

Donations are now being accepted to replace our current outdoor sign, which has outlived its purpose; the Sisterhood would like to pay tribute to Adele and her husband Fred for the love and dedication with which they supported the Agudath Achim Synagogue.  A new sign to be placed at the Corner of McCabe and Central Avenues will have a Plaque..."The Members and Friends of Congregation Agudath Achim Honor Adele & Fred Hochberg for their dedication to this Synagogue".
PLEASE!!!  Help us make this new fundraising effort a success
Donations may be mailed to Congregation Agudath Achim at P.O. Box 187, Bradley Beach, NJ 07720 or on-line at our Web Site www.bradleybeachshul.org under donations.........key HOCHBERG as purpose.

Thank you to the Sisterhood for their donation of two benches to enhance the entrance to the Shul!

Join the fun!! Sponsor Kiddush!! Help to underwrite the cost of the weekly Kiddush.

For information on sponsorships and Kiddush partners please call the office at 732-774-2495

For information about sponsoring a Kiddush or Seuda Shlishit please see our Events page.

Or send a message to us at congbradleybeach@gmail.com

If you wish to be added to our mailing list for Shul events and information please send an email request to Congbradleybeach@gmail.com

Include your full name and email address. 

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Donations/Membership get your donation and/or membership in for 5778!!

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