Guidelines and Schedule for Pesach 5782

(All times for Bradley Beach, NJ, Pesach 5782/2022.  Prepared by Rabbi Kelman.  Please email Rabbi Kelman at if you have any questions.)

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Thursday Evening, April 14—The Search for Chametz

-Please make sure you’ve sold any chametz you’d like to use after Pesach (see form at bottom).  Unsold chametz is forbidden forever if it has not been sold to a non-Jew.

-Begin the search for chametz after 8:15 pm with the regular b’racha for bedikat chametz.  If you are going away before Thursday evening, search on the night before you leave but without a b’racha.

-After completing the bedikah, one should state: “All leaven and sourdough that is in my possession, which I have not seen and not destroyed, is nullified as the dust of the earth and ownerless.”  Please safeguard the remaining chametz that will be burned on Friday.


Friday, April 15—Disposing of Chametz

-One may eat chametz until 10:43 AM.   Dispose of any remaining chametz by burning it.  We plan to have a burning station in front of the shul on Friday morning from 10:45-11:15 AM.  If one does not have easy access to a safe facility for burning, one should flush it down the toilet.  Please recite the final paragraph of nullifying the chametz (“Kol Chamira” - "All chametz or leaven in my possession that I have seen and that I have not seen, that I have destroyed and that I have not destroyed, shall be nullified and become ownerless, like the dust of the earth" by 11:49 AM.

-Taanit Bechorot

The Fast of the Firstborn begins at 4:52am though Firstborns may end their fast after attending a siyum, as usual. One may participate in the siyum via telephone or Zoom if one can’t attend in person. 

-Light a long-lasting yahrzeit or other candle which burns for two days, to enable the lighting of the Yom Tov candles on the second night of Pesach, as we are allowed to transfer fire from a pre-existing flame but may not light a new fire.

-Prepare your oven/blech/hotplate for the next two days according to your needs (if a timer is possible to go on and off when needed, that is the safest possibility).  Be aware that many ovens turn off automatically after 12 or 24 hours, so if you want to use your oven to cook after Shabbat, please turn on the override. 

-Prepare as much as possible on Friday for the seder so that there will be no need to delay the start of the seder on Friday night.

Friday Night – First Night of Pesach

Candle lighting at 7:16pm.  Mincha at 7:20pm

-The seder should not begin before 8:15pm in order to ensure that we make kiddush when it is night.  If someone has a health or other issue with such a late start, please be in touch.

-Afikomen should be eaten before 12:55 AM.


Shabbat Day, April 16

Shacharit – 9:30 AM (K’riyat Shema by 9:36 AM) followed by Full Hallel, Musaf for Shabbat Yom Tov, Birkat Cohanim.  Begin “Morid HaTal” at Musaf.  Kiddush in shul.

-Mincha at 7:15pm. 

Saturday Night—Second Night of Pesach

-No preparations for the Seder may take place before the end of Shabbat at 8:19pm as we are not allowed to prepare for the following day on the first day of yom tov, as this impinges upon the honour of the first day (“Hey, you had enough of me already?  Can’t wait to get to the next day?  I’m still here – appreciate me.  There’ll be plenty of time for the 2nd day on the 2nd day.”)

-One may not begin to prepare (i.e. set table, cook in the oven that was turned on before Shabbat etc.) until davening Ma’ariv with V’todi‘enu.  At the very least, one should recite “Baruch hamavdil bein kodesh lekodesh.” Neither of these should be completed before 8:19pm.

-Light Yom Tov candles from a pre-existing flame. Customs differ regarding the recitation of

She’hecheyanu at candle lighting.

-The Seder is conducted as usual, except Havdalah is included with Kiddush in the

procedure known as Yakneha’z, in which we begin with the blessing on the wine, followed by blessings of Kiddush, Borei M'eori Ha'eish (using the light from the yom tov candles-the custom is to bring two candles close to each other to resemble the Havdalah candle), Havdalah and She’hecheyanu.  Afikomen should be eaten before 12:55 AM.

-Begin counting the Omer (either in shul or at end of the seder)

Sunday-Second Day

Shacharit – 9:30 AM( K’riyat Shema by 9:35 AM)   followed by Full Hallel, Musaf for Yom Tov, Birkat Cohanim.  Kiddush in shul.

Mincha at 7:20pm.  Havdalah at 8:20pm.


Sh’vi’i shel Pesach (7th Day of Pesach) - Thursday, April 21 -6th night of the Omer

Remember to make an “Eruv Tavshilin” that will allow you to cook on Friday for the Shabbat/8th Day meals.

Candle lighting – 7:22pm

Mincha - 7:30pm.

-Remember to light yahrzeit candles for family members and/or to ensure that you have a pre-existing flame to light for the 2nd day before Shabbat/Second Day begins on Friday night. This is the only yom tov when we don’t say She’hecheyanu.

Friday, April 22 

Shacharit 9:30am (K’riyat Shema by 9:31 AM) with Half-Hallel

Torah Reading, Shemot 13:17-15:26 – Shirat Hayam (The Sea Song)

Haftarah, Shmuel II 22:1-51

Due to the Eruv Tavshilin prepared on Thursday, one may cook on Friday before candle lighting to have fresh food for Shabbat.  Wait until the night to set the table.

Friday Night/8th Day of Pesach - 7th night of Omer

Candle Lighting 7:24pm (One must light candles before Shabbat begins.)

Mincha at 7:25pm


-Light Yom Tov candles from a pre-existing flame. This is the only yom tov when we don’t say She’hecheyanu.


Shabbat, April 23 

Shacharit 9:30am (K’riyat Shema by 9:30 AM) with Half-Hallel, followed by Shir Ha-Shirim (the Song of Songs)

Torah Reading, Devarim 15:19-16:17, Haftarah, Yeshayahu 10:32-12:6

If you can’t be in shul for Yizkor due to illness, say at home and give Tzedakah before Yom Tov begins on Thursday.

Mincha at 7:15pm, followed by the Mashiach Seuda/Seudat Sh’lishit

-There is a Chasidic custom to have a final Pesach meal on the last afternoon, called the Seuda of Mashiach, which this year coincides with Seudat Sh’lishit.  We anticipate the ultimate redemption of the Jewish people, which began in Nisan 3500 years ago, and will hopefully come very soon, perhaps this Nisan.

-Yom Tov concludes at 8:27pm.  Tonight is the 8th night of the Omer.

-Remember not to eat any of the chametz that you sold until 9:30 pm on Saturday night.

Birkat Ha’ilanot

During the month of Nisan, we have the opportunity to say "Birkat Ha'ilanot", the special one-time blessing on the first blossoms of a fruit tree. The next time you see such a tree, please make the blessing, which you can find here, along with some background: Birkat Ha'Ilanot: Blessing For A Blossoming Fruit Tree - OU Kosher

May you all have a good Shabbos and Chag sameach.
Mechirat Chametz-Sale of Chametz

Unless we consume or destroy all of our Chametz, we must sell our Chametz to ensure that we don’t violate the biblical prohibitions against finding or seeing our chametz on Pesach. Besides the obvious Chametz ingredients of barley, oats, wheat, rye or spelt, pet food, please be aware that such foods as alcohol and pet food generally have Chametz. You can appoint Rabbi Kelman as your shaliach (agent) by bringing this form to the shul or emailing it to (cc to by Thursday, April 14, 2022 at 1 PM.


I, , hereby fully empower and authorize Rabbi Maury Kelman or anyone else he may designate as a substitute in his stead (the “Agent”) to sell and transfer before this upcoming Pesach all legal title to my Chametz by 10:45 AM on Friday, April 15, 2022.

My chametz can be found in (please specify location in your home or office-i.e. pantry):

Home #1:

Home # 2:

Office: (if applicable):

I also authorize the Agent to sell and transfer all other Chametz and/or mixtures containing Chametz that are knowingly or unknowingly in my possession, or that I own in any way. I also authorize the Agent to rent or sell as he deems fit and for the appropriate duration, the places where the above-mentioned items are located.

The buyer shall have, through the aid and cooperation of the Agent, free access to the Chametz and/or mixtures containing Chametz acquired by such buyer.  The goods mentioned above have an approximate value of $ .

If the Agent purchases back the sold chametz after Pesach on your behalf, Chametz should not be eaten before Saturday, April 23, 2022 at 9:30 PM.

I have read the above and agree to all its terms (please check): ___

Date: Name: Phone: Email:


Signed (a digital signature or your typed name shall be deemed to be your actual written signature):  ___________________________________

Will you be in a different time zone at the beginning or end of Pesach? Please specify when and where: